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How We Do It

Pertl & Alexander serves as a resourceful and experienced business partner. We study each client's business, customers and marketplace. Then, we help improve operations, develop plans for improved facilities, garner new customers and grow.

Our Process: We employ a logical six-step process designed to advance clients from where they are to where they need to be, while staying true to ethics, passions and personality.

Step One - Exploration! Our thorough understanding of current industry forces and technology results from diligent and insightful research and needs analysis.

Step Two - Passion! We help clients reconnect with the fundamental principles that ultimately define and guide each business: Mission, Vision and Values.

Step Three - Investigation! We perform a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis and audit. Our objective is to determine where clients have been and where they are now so we can help our clients get where they need and want to be.

Step Four - Direction! We delineate specific strategic plans to help clients achieve specific objectives.

Step Five - Inspiration! We develop all of the designs, plans and strategies necessary to bring defined strategies to life!

Step Six - Action! We guide the implementation of all plans and strategies developed in the previous step and we ensure that each is utilized according to plan.

Business Development: We're experienced professionals with proven a track record of success. We produce marketing and sales programs that work. Whether you operate a laundry that has extra capacity, or you're a commercial enterprise, we provide expert marketing and strategic planning advice.

Training: We produce training programs and instruction manuals tailored to each client. We train staff to achieve productivity goals and realize bottom-line goals.

Contact Us to discuss how we can improve your laundry, housekeeping, textile and/or valet operations.

Pertl & Alexander LLC is a resourceful partner to be called upon as needed.

Pertl & Alexander - Exploration, Passion, Investigation, Direction, Inspiration, Action

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