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What We Do

Pertl & Alexander LLC - Laundry, Housekeeping, Textile, & Valet Business Experts.

We specialize in the design and management of laundry, housekeeping, textile, and valet operations.

Assess whether your business practices are delivering maximum ROI in supplies and equipment.

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Laundry:  We provide comprehensive expertise and support for every phase of laundry planning, design, construction and operation.

Housekeeping:  We evaluate existing housekeeping systems and to design new housekeeping layouts.

Textile:  We work with textile laboratories, textile mills, and client locations to evaluate new textiles presented to the market and to assist clients in the selection of materials appropriate for specific needs.

Valet:  We establish, in precise terms, the needs that valet operations must serve.

PLUS: We're conducting a survey for the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) about the life cycle of hospitality textiles. We're examining factors that determine the lifespan of goods used by the hotel industry, including processing, use, theft, loss, abuse and degradation.

Click here to take TRSA's Hospitality Textile Life Cycle Survey (link opens in a new tab or window)

Hotels and laundries that fully complete the survey will receive a copy of the results.

Contact Us to discuss what we can do to improve your operations.

Pertl & Alexander LLC is a resourceful partner to be called upon as needed.

laundry, housekeeping, textile, valet business experts

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