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What We Do - Textile Operations

Pertl & Alexander LLC works with textile laboratories, textile mills, and client locations to evaluate new textiles presented to the market and to assist clients in the selection of materials.

1) Survey and Planning

We establish requirements for various textile items and research the suitability of various products.

2) Economic Analysis

By understanding the approximate life cycle of various textile items and other factors associated with their replacement, we're able to project the anticipated impact different products will have on total life cycle cost.

3) Bid Process

Our professionals publish complete tender packages, including all plans and specifications for work to be performed. We thoroughly investigate major equipment suppliers and make informed recommendations relative to approving and qualifying recommended bidders. We also make recommendations regarding the bids and drawings to enable clients to make the best final selection.

We level the bidding playing field by providing generic, performance-based specifications that can be met by more than one qualified bidder. This allows clients to identify and receive the greatest value from the bid process.

4) Inspections

We inspect textile deliveries to ensure that suppliers are consistently meeting all bid specifications and that no inferior textile products are substituted for specified product.

5) Management Consulting

We establish recommended inventory levels, storage and distribution procedures, and staffing schedules for inventory management and distribution. We provide training regarding procedures for effective textile management.

6) Specialized Equipment and Systems

We make equipment recommendations that are tailored to individual businesses and help locate specialized equipment for particular uses. When there is no existing equipment that fits the bill, Pertl & Alexander LLC has the technical expertise to develop the materials needed by handling equipment.

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Pertl & Alexander LLC is a resourceful partner to be called upon as needed.

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